Gelball Gel Blaster Shooting Elite AK47

  • 599 kr

An updated variant of the popular Apex Gelblasters! Available in 2 fun colors, and now with the ability to shoot both gelballs and foam darts!

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Article Number: 4200

Shooting Elite AK47 Gel Blaster - A new updated variant of the popular Gelball Gelblaster Apex! Now also with the ability to shoot foam rubber arrows! Simply a "2 in 1" Blaster!

The Shooting Elite AK47 Blaster is available in 2 different designs: Blue and Red, so you can choose your favorite style and color. Unlike e.g. Nerf where Blasters only hold up to 10 nerf darts, these Gel Blasters hold 500+ Gelballs!

Each Blaster comes with a rechargeable battery that powers the Blaster's fully automatic firing, giving you about 4-5 hours of play time. The battery can be charged easily with the included USB cable.

Gelballs come very small but grow to full size (about 7-8mm) when you add water and let them stand for 3-4 hours. Always make sure the Gelballs are fully grown before trying to use them, as the Blaster may not work properly otherwise. We recommend putting about 5000 Gelballs in a bucket with about 3.8l of water.

What is included in the purchase:

  • Shooting Elite Glock Gelblaster
  • Hopper magazine
  • Battery pack
  • USB charger
  • Bag of 5000 gelballs
  • 10pcs Foam rubber arrows
  • Safety glasses (Must always be worn when playing)